Ardmore Craig Carousel (Illustration)

Ardmore Craig has secured a contract for the design of a carousel and associated spooling spread destined for cable storage activities.

The order has been placed by Ecosse Subsea Systems (ESS).

Ardmore Craig director, Andy Stevenson, said: “The team had been successful in winning this latest award with both its demonstrable track record of cable lay equipment and its approach to designing in future upgradeability to maximize the potential usage of the unit.”

The carousel will be designed for capacities in excess of 1500 tonnes and is the second upgradeable unit which Ardmore Craig has worked on with ESS.

Ecosse managing director Mike Wilson added: “We have a long running and mutually beneficial working relationship with Ardmore Craig with its team supporting our project engineering and operational activities. This latest carousel contract demonstrates how companies within the supply chain can work together to offer leading blue chip businesses safe, simple and robust engineering solutions.”

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