Buru Energy Ltd. (ASX:BRU) released a weekly update on drilling at its Ungani 5 appraisal well. Ungani 5 is located in the Ungani oil field in Western Australia’s Canning Basin.

As quoted in the press release:

Since the last report 7 inch (178mm) casing has been run to 2,121.5 metres. The well was then drilled ahead in 6 inch (152mm) hole to a total measured depth of 2,239.5 metres. The current operation is completing wireline logs.

The top of the Ungani Dolomite was encountered as prognosed at 2,122.4 metres. The overlying Ungani Shale section was a similar thickness to other wells in the field in contrast to its anomalously thin section in Ungani 3, and the Ungani Shale section has been cased off in Ungani 5. The Ungani Dolomite was present from 2,122.4 metres to the well total depth of 2,239.5 metres.

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