Wednesday, December 16, 2015

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This week, Decom North Sea, the industry body for North Sea oil and gas decommissioning further launched its Re-use Framework, in conjunction with long-standing collaborative partner, Zero Waste Scotland, showing its commitment to providing a meaningful guide for the industry in this crucial area.

There are many elements to be considered as a part of successful decommissioning; a responsibility to the environment and cost-effective practices are seen as two of the most fundamental when it comes to getting decommissioning right.

Whilst the industry already embraces recycling to excellent effect, reprocessing capacity within the UK may prove insufficient to deal with the materials produced by the decommissioning era – thus highlighting the necessity for re-use as an alternative.

The Framework document outlines the issues relevant to promoting an ethos of re-use and it is expected that all stakeholders within the UKCS decommissioning industry will refer to its content to ensure delivery of project efficiencies.

Karen Seath, interim chief executive of Decom North Sea comments: ‘The re-use initiative is one which has been an important part of Decom North Sea since early on in the body’s existence and our thanks go to the original Re-use Work Group for its commitment and effort throughout. We’re incredibly proud to be delivering this strategic overview in conjunction with Zero Waste Scotland and SLR Consulting.

‘At all times, we strive to deliver products that add real value to our members and the wider industry, and I believe that this Framework highlights the value of re-use and will assist its users in pursuing the culture of a circular economy.’

Expanding on the circular economy principle, Iain Gulland, chief executive of Zero Waste Scotland adds: ‘There is huge potential for the North Sea oil and gas industry to reap the benefits of contributing to one of one of the Scottish Government’s key objectives – namely supporting the development of circular economy activities in Scotland.

‘By treating all assets as resources, the decommissioning sector has the ability to unlock value from the equipment used in oil and gas extraction. Sharing examples of previous re-use activity is key and we hope that the content of this framework will further encourage collaboration, innovation and ultimately increased re-use of offshore equipment and resources.’

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