UK-based specialist consultancy and research organisation HR Wallingford has teamed up with Belgian-based survey and monitoring company G-tec to deliver a comprehensive package of services to support developments in the marine environment.

HR Wallingford developed a tools to model underwater sound and its potential impact on marine ecosystems. G-tec provides geophysical, geotechnical and environmental investigations in offshore, coastal, onshore and riverine environments.

Working together, HR Wallingford and G-tec will be able to deliver modelling, fieldwork and specialist consultancy relating to underwater sound.

HR Wallingford will conduct detailed numerical sound modelling using a suite of validated modelling tools, and provide specialist ecological / environmental consultancy, with G-tec undertaking bespoke in-situ monitoring of baseline, and during construction, sound levels.

Dr Mark Lee, dredging group manager, said: “HR Wallingford has had a strong relationship with G-tec for a number of years, arising from both companies’ contributions to the development of expert industry guidance. At HR Wallingford we very much look forward to continuing our work with G-tec through combining each company’s established underwater sound capabilities to provide an exciting new, integrated offering to clients worldwide.”

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