Royal IHC and Frames Separation Technologies have signed a joint development agreement to collaborate with respect to the development of a compact subsea separator module.

Namely, Frames has recently extended its portfolio with a new compact controllable inline separator the SwirlSep.

Based on this technology, Frames and IHC started a collaboration to develop a Subsea SwirlSep Module.

Frames Separation Technologies B.V. and Royal IHC are said to foresee a major reduction of costs for subsea separation modules.

Erik Brink, Frames business bevelopment manager, said: “Combining our strengths, we are able to develop an innovative solution in order to have an alternative for todays ‘large and heavy’ subsea separation modules.”

“This new technology has tremendous potential for application in various subsea processes,” said Andy Eaton, director of IHC Concept.

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