Jan De Nul’s new multipurpose vessel ‘Daniel Bernoulli’ has been launched from the slipway at the AVIC shipyard in China.

It is the sister vessel of the recently launched ‘Adhémar de Saint-Venant‘.

Several different equipment sets can be installed on the vessels, which will provide them with a capacity to conduct subsea rock installation, subsea trenching, installation of cables and umbilicals and installation works by means of a heave compensated crane.

The 95 by 22 meters vessel, while in the ‘Subsea Rock Installation’ mode, will be able to install about 5,100 ton of rock in a single load by means of the excavator, conveyor belt and the fall pipe for accurate rock installation at up to 600 meters water depth.

Alternatively the rock can be handled through an inclined fall pipe, for secure installation against offshore structures such as jacket platforms, gravity bases or monopile foundations.

In the ‘Cable Laying’ mode, the vessel can be equipped with a carrousel or with cable reels along with tensioners, chute and auxiliary equipment. An A-frame and ROV trencher can be deployed from the vessel for burial of the installed cables.

Both vessels are provided with dynamic positioning (DP2) and a fully diesel-electric machinery arrangement, and can accommodate up to 60 people onboard.

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