Kent Introl has launched a new high-pressure subsea choke valve developed for the Shah Deniz field in Azerbaijan, qualified to API 6A / 17D and working at pressures of up to 15,000 psi.

The Shah Deniz Stage 2 Project was developed with a cross venting hydrate remediation philosophy. This necessitated the need for a standalone hydrate remediation skid that can be hooked up to the subsea systems via flexible hoses at dedicated venting points on the subsea structures. The choke & skid will be stored topside and quickly deployed subsea, as and where necessary, as an essential tool in maintaining production levels.

The newly developed 15,000 psi subsea choke valve is a key component to the hydrate remediation skid enabling depressurisation of the subsea systems to remediate any hydrate blockages. Control of the depressurisation rate which is achieved by the choke is critical in ensuring that a safe depressurisation rate is achieved.

Kent Introl said it had to combine its knowledge of existing subsea applications with its engineering capabilities to meet specific material requirements and client demands.

It was essential to select a trim capable of handling the extremely high pressure drops, safely avoiding any potential damage, and to prevent the Joule-Thomson effect. To achieve this Kent Introl utilised its eight-stage, solid tungsten carbide multispline trim. This also included an internal cleaning function to clear any upstream particles. The trim and all its features built upon existing technology that is proven to work effectively in subsea application, the company explained.

Stuart Billingham, sales director, said: “We’ve built on our knowledge and experience of subsea applications in recent years with some very significant projects and this is another milestone in our development for subsea products.

“We now have a high pressure, API 6A / 17D qualified subsea choke valve and we’ve risen to the challenge of developing it to meet the needs of some very demanding conditions. This gives us a great opportunity to provide solutions to other customers with similar HPHT applications along with the confidence of a fully qualified product.”

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