Friday, July 8, 2016

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Norwich, England


A leading wells project management company is gearing up to share its expertise with delegates at a forthcoming industry event.

Fraser Well Management will present at the East of England Energy Group’s (EEEGR) Late Life & Decommissioning Special Interest Group event at Norwich City Football Club on Tuesday, July 12th.

Donald MacArthur, who heads up the company’s recently established presence in Aberdeen, will deliver an afternoon presentation entitled ‘A Practical Comparison on the Application of Jack Up Lift Barges (JULB) and Jack Up Drilling Units (JU) for Decommissioning in the SNS.’ In the presentation, Donald will draw on the company’s experiences from its well abandonment track record over the past 11 years during which it abandoned 24 wells and performed three end of field life projects.

The presentation will address some of the key questions being asked by operators and the decommissioning industry and will cover the unit capabilities, commercial considerations and technical merits of both JULB’s and JU’s when working on well P&A projects.

Recent case studies show that Fraser Well Management has achieved well P&A costs 57% lower than the 2015 average for subsea development wells and 35% lower for subsea exploration/appraisal wells. These cost reductions exceed the target of the Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) to lower well P&A costs by 35% to meet the Maximising Economic Recovery (MER) UK strategy requirements.

Donald is a graduate of The University of Strathclyde with almost two decades of industry experience. He has worked in numerous locations around the world including on semisubmersibles and platforms in the Central North Sea and land operations in Oman. Since joining the company in 2004, Donald has performed various roles from senior drilling engineer and project superintendent through to his current position as well engineering manager.

Fraser Well Management is a leading well project management company covering the full well lifecycle both onshore and offshore from exploration drilling through to well plug and abandonment. The company operates from Great Yarmouth and Aberdeen and is equipped to deliver safe, efficient operations for all clients. In addition to well project management, Fraser Well Management provides specialist well engineering studies from relief well planning through to due diligence and well abandonment feasibility studies.

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