A CHC aircraft was flying from Statoil’s Gullfaks B platform when in crashed near Bergen (Map by Statoil)

Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority has grounded all EC255 type helicopters in Norway following an incident that happened on Friday when a helicopter carrying workers from Statoil’s Gullfaks B platform crashed off Bergen.

Eleven people have been confirmed dead, with search and rescue ongoing for the remaining two.

The aviation authority issued a safety directive limiting operations of Airbus Helicopters EC225LP in Norway.

“This Safety Directive contains mandatory action that is required to establish an acceptable level of safety,” said the authority in the document addressed to  BlueWay Offshore Norge AS, Bristow Norway AS, CHC Helikopter Service AS.

The order does not apply to any Search and Rescue flights for the purpose of saving life.  The Safety Directive entered into force on April 29, 2916 at 14:00 hrs UTC and will remain in force until revoked by a new Safety Directive.

Statoil had grounded all the helicopters of the type even before the safety directive was launched.

In the meantime, Accidents Investigation Board Norway has located Flight Data Recorder and Cockpit Voice Recorder. AIBN said it would bring the recorders to England for reading as soon as possible. AIBN will get assistance from the French and the English investigation boardin further investigation at the accident site. In addition, representatives of the CAA and EASA will participate.

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