Prepared by Dr Tina Hunter (Aberdeen University Centre for Energy Law) this special on Emerging Issues in Polar Energy Law and Governance provides a up-to-date analysis of many aspects of a rapidly changing region, and the legal issues that dominate the Polar regions.

OGEL 2 (2016) – Emerging Issues in Polar Energy Law and Governance

Table of contents:

OGEL Special Issue Introduction: Emerging Issues in Polar Energy Law and Governance
T. Hunter, Aberdeen University Centre for Energy Law

The Beaufort Sea Dispute Revisited
B. Sas, Energy Law Consultant

The EU’s Offshore Oil and Gas Directive (2013/30/EU) and Arctic Governance: Does the Activity of Third Parties Have Any Regulatory Impact?
H. Jessen, Faculty of Law at Universität Hamburg

The Legal Status of Oil and Gas Exploitation in the Arctic: The Case of Norway
B.K. Sjåfjell, University of Oslo, Faculty of Law
A. Halvorssen, University of Denver, Sturm College of Law

The Impact of Energy Development on the Emergence of an Arctic Practice: Navigation issues and Sovereignty
V. Doix, Market Research and Consultant

The Safety of Arctic Offshore Oil and Gas Operations Within the EU Regulatory Framework
C. Cinelli, KG Jebsen Centre for Law of the Sea, Tromsø University
S. Trevisanut, Netherlands Institute for the Law of the Sea, Utrecht University

Shaping the Future of Hydraulic Fracturing in the Canadian Arctic Through Environmental Guidelines
S. Elfving, University of Bradford

Impact Assessment in the Marine Arctic
P. Drankier, Policy Advisor

Mining the Antarctic: Threats, Challenges and the Australian Response to the Madrid Protocol
S. Van de Graaff, School of Political Science and International Studies, University of Queensland

Climate Change, Foreign Investments and Indigenous People Rights in the Arctic: How to design an Optimal Regulatory Environmental Assessment Scheme Adaptive to Climate Change Effects? The Case of Oil and Gas Sector in Greenland as an Example
S. Cassotta, Department of Law, Aarhus University (AU), Aarhus School of Business and Social Sciences (BSS)

The Arctic Legal Challenge: Sovereignty and Environmental Issues related to the Offshore Oil and Gas Activities in the Arctic Region
E. Jupesta, Technip Indonesia

EU and Russian Arctic Policy: Divergence at the Northern Convergence?
T. Hunter, Aberdeen University Centre for Energy Law

The Greenland Gold Rush: Promise and Pitfalls of Greenland’s Energy and Mineral Resources
T. Boersma, The Brookings Institution, Energy Security Initiative
K. Foley, Cornell University

The Prospects and Challenges for Arctic Oil Development
J. Henderson, OEIS
J.S.P. Loe, Fridtjof Nansen Institute

Solving the Problem of the Arctic: Is an Arctic Convention the Most Viable Solution to Balance the Interests of the Energy Industry and Preserve Intergenerational Equity?
A.M. Cooper, Coventry University

A free excerpt is available on the OGEL website.

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