“That’s probably right, the plutocracy put in place by the Republicans since 1980 is now pretty much locked in short of civil war. Nobody is going to win that battle”.

Well, nobody is going to win it with the R Lite Democrats in control of the D party, they might as well just go ahead and start formally caucusing with the Republicans, and let the D’s with sense enough to understand reality ( How many seats did the D’s lose during Obama’s time, under his and Pelosi’s leadership????????) take over the D party instead of fighting to the death for CONTROL of the Democratic Party.

The Sanders camp, which contains most of the younger, best educated, and most dedicated Democrats, and nearly all the D leaning middle of the road voters who don’t identify with either party, will gain control sooner or later. The question is when, not if.

With people like you continuing to support the Clinton and business as usual faction, meaning the way the D party has been run for the last decade or two in charge, the R’s WILL continue to win elections, from dog catcher to president, excepting maybe California and a few well to do D leaning districts here and there, and in the NorthEast.

Bottom line, either one camp within the D party, or the other camp, has to go, and if the Clinton faction continues to control the party, well, the Trumpsters will be very very happy, and on behalf of all Trumpsters, I thank ya kindly for being so stupid and obstinate, and continuing to follow the strategies that have handed us control of the House, the Senate, the White House, the Supreme Court, all the machinery of the federal government excepting sitting federal judges, who are necessarily going to retire in considerable numbers over the next two or three or four years, due to old age, etc, control of most state governorships, state and city and loca legislatures……….

With friends like you, REAL Democrats don’t NEED any enemies.

Nobody likes having their nose rubbed in their mistakes, so I don’t expect to hear many comments, if any at all, in support of what I am saying, considering the audience here is technically sophisticated, and liberal, and for sure just voted D without ever giving ANY SERIOUS THOUGHT as to WHY the D party has been bleeding out for the last couple of decades.

So I am confident the message is getting thru. Nobody is going to thank me for being the messenger, but I’m not here to win a popularity contest, and it’s rather unlikely I will ever even meet anybody from this forum in person.

Nobody ever thanks the person who brings them bad news, after pointing out the mistakes they made, long term, which BROUGHT ON the bad news.

I have as tactfully as possible counseled a number of drunks, smokers, and drug addicts to give up their bad habits. Doing so has NEVER made me a new friend, because people virtually always resent anybody who points out their shortcomings free of charge. Occasionally such people listen to the same advice I gave them, FREE, when they are charged a substantial sum for it, coming from a doctor, lol.

But in that case, they were already halfway there, having recognized they had a real problem, otherwise they wouldn’t have been in the doctor’s office in the first place.

Even the ones who succeeded in changing their habits for the better still resent my pointing out that they were fucking up.

The same applies here of course.

But most of the audience here is smart enough to understand that the D message coming from the Clinton Obama business as usual R Lite Democrat Party does not resonate with the voters of this country, taken as a whole.

Sure Clinton won the popular vote, running against the worst candidate the R’s have EVER run, but as they say in court, it’s the PREPONDERANCE OF EVIDENCE that counts in such matters, and the R’s have been mopping the floor with the D’s on a consistent basis for a LONG time now.

It takes a goddamned FOOL to believe the R’s are going to change, they’re winning, and they have no DESIRE to change, no REASON to change, as they see things.

If the D’s want to get back to winning, THEY will have to change.

Trumpster thanks all terminally stupid Democrats who still believe in the Clinton message for your support. With “enemies” like you, we don’t even need any friends to win elections one right after another, lol.

We Trumpsters can count on you Clinton / Pelosi/ Obama R Lite type D’s going along with us eighty or ninety percent of the time, when it really matters, as for instance when thirteen of you joined with us in killing the last bill up by the Sanders coalition that would have enabled the Medicare program to negotiate the price of drugs purchased, the way it’s done in EVERY OTHER well developed western country.

Trumpster is wondering if HB has stock in big pharma as well as the oil biz, lol.

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