It’s a Darwinian world old buddy.

I have had many liberal democratic and even socialist friends over the last half century since I first left the farm for the big city and the university.A few of them still maintain contact, but mostly they are far away and we have gone our separate ways since I moved back to the hills where life is infinitely better, so long as you have a living, and where my odds of living well and maybe even just living are better in the event the shit hits the fan before I hit the recycling bin myself.

I used to be a long haired capital D democrat, with a pot pipe and an ACLU card in my pocket, a dues paying member of the NEA, etc, etc. I helped organize twice over the course of the last forty years, once as a teacher, and once as a heavy equipment operator. We lost as teachers, we won as tradesmen.

I have yet to meet more than three or four hard core liberals who actually want any immigrants , other than servants, in their neighborhood. Exceptions are made for academics and professionals of course.

Every last one of them believes fully and totally in his or her own family and personal property. One of the most vocal of them all was a next door neighbor, when I owned a couple of acres next to his hundred acres, and inadvertently planted a couple of ornamental trees a couple of feet across an unmarked property line. He told me in no uncertain terms that he didn’t want them there, move them immediately.

Almost all my liberal acquaintances these days who have money and live in very nice places, with no trespassing signs all around, and plenty of cops. A few have retired to the boonies. NONE of them are hard up, and none of them will strike a tap at a snake to help out anybody else if it actually means giving up a day and getting their hands dirty, unless they can get their picture in the paper by doing so.They have yard boys, but they don’t have them in to eat in the kitchen with them. They do write the occasional tax deductible check, I will give them that.

I have my hired help into the house and we all eat at the same table, or used to, before retirement. I am welcome at their weddings and funerals, and still go rabbit hunting and fishing with them. Sometimes I eat with them at their house.

There is not to my sure knowledge a single sizeable piece of land, with the possible exception of a few very small islands, or maybe a few spots of the very far northern regions inhabited by Inuit,etc, that has not changed hands forcibly or by newcomers simply overwhelming any current occupants any where on the globe.

Someday another flag will fly over my own little farm, and over Washington DC. That city will be renamed within the next five hundred years, most likely.

I might actually wind up selling my place , someday, owner financed, to a Mexican couple who live nearby , and farm rented land. They’re the salt of the earth people, and I wouldn’t mind marrying their daughter if I were a young man again.They would farm it and keep it sound and lovely and love it , rather than subdivide it into vacation home lots, which is why I am leaning their way. I don’t know anybody else who would do that for sure.

BUT I have better sense than to want to see the population of this country continuing to grow even one day longer than necessary.

Barring our kind going extinct, there is not an acre of land on this planet that will not eventually change hands again by force or by newcomers simply overwhelming current occupants by their sheer numbers.

Take your moral preening elsewhere. I ‘m a realist. If I came into your yard homeless and set up a tent, you would call the cops in a minute flat, I ‘m ready to bet twenty to one on it. If you actually live in Huntington Beach, the odds are pretty high you have got yours, but you apparently don’t realize that there is simply not ENOUGH to go around to the whole world anymore, and the population is STILL growing fast.

I am most assuredly NOT a republican of the big R sort,as evidenced by my unwavering support of tough environmental legislation, a single payer health care system for the USA, etc. I campaigned for Bernie on this very site, as well as others. I have consistently said that HRC is morally unqualified to be president, but also that Trump is worse.

Sympathy and compassion are one thing, and good sense is something else altogether.

YOU may not appreciate it, but we are in a situation somewhat analogous to people in a lifeboat, looking at a damned long paddle in stormy weather, with very little food and water in the boat. Putting MORE people in the boat is too put each and every person ALREADY in the boat at substantially higher risk of dying before making port or being rescued at sea.

I am cautiously hopeful that a very few countries, such as the USA and Canada, if we are lucky,with just about every thing going right, and only a few cards falling wrong, will be able to manage a successful transition to a low energy, low population, sustainable economy.

But I have read at least thirty or books over the last ten years, all written by highly respected scientists, HARD SCIENCE, LIFE SCIENCE sorts, nearly all of them at or very near the peak of the professional heap, holders of chairs or at least tenure at some of the worlds most elite universities. None of them believe we are headed anywhere except to hell in a hand basket, due to resource depletion, environmental degradation , and over population.

Over shoot ain’t no xxxxing joke.

And yes, I have more than enough university credits in the life sciences, history, economics, physics, chemistry, etc, to have a professional opinion of my own.

Reality dictates doing a little critical thinking, in the event one is capable of it.

SOMETIMES the Republicans are right,perhaps for the wrong reasons, but I have seldom ever met a capital D democrat willing to admit it. Likewise I have seldom ever met a capital R republican who will admit the D’s are right about anything.

The hypocrisy involving immigration is enough to take my breath away. OF COURSE republicans don’t want more immigrants who are almost sure to vote D.

But I hear the D’s gloating about it privately when I am wearing my liberal camouflage, which I can and do wear quite comfortably when it suits me in certain circles. In private, they make no bones about the more the better when it comes to registering new immigrants. They GLOAT about it. In public they deny their partisan interests, and act shocked that any body could even believe they HAVE any partisan interests.

I grew up in the backwoods, where very few of my family and neighbors ever had much of a shot at the good life. I got lucky in the genetic lottery, school was easy, got out via scholarship, been there and seen that, got the t shirt.

I made six figures on an annual basis back in the EIGHTIES after giving up teaching for the nukes down the road. I am assuredly not rich now, but I am not apt to miss any meals, lol.

But I have at least a dozen or so working class relatives and LOTS of acquaintances who are desperate for work, and every new face in the neighborhood means one less job for them, unfortunately.

And I am not much in the mood today to hear any clap trap about retraining middle aged men and women for new jobs. The schools we have these days are hardly even able to train kids to read and write, never mind middle aged people who learned hardly anything at all thirty or forty years ago. It works for maybe one individual out of ten, at best.

You look after YOUR partisan interests, and I will look after my own.

I wouldn’t be in such a foul mood today except I just mashed a fingernail pretty bad. Ranting helps, and so does cussing, but I try not to cuss OFTEN in this forum.

I hope there will be responses to this rant. They will be cataloged, if they are good ones, pro or con, and used as source material in my book to be , if I ever finish it.

I fully intend to present the best expressed arguments I run across for both sides of every issue I touch on. Credit will be given, and permission sought as necessary.

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