Unsure about that, but maybe that’s sarcasm?
Sounds like one of the myths we tell ourselves (as if these environmental energies are going to somehow defuse out of the environment and into our laps without a thought)… Like, how are we using the energy, what do we need it for, do we actually need it, is it going to make our lives better in the final analyses, how does using said energy affect our environs and lives in general and so forth.

You really just can’t help yourself can you?

Caelan MacIntyre aka Killian over at Real Climate keeps getting his ass handed to him for being a self centered arrogant Ahole, but he just doesn’t learn as this comment indicates. It is typical of the kind of response he gets everywhere he goes to preach his permaculture only solution to mankinds problems and his anti all technology, especially renewables mantra!

Kevin McKinney says:
26 Dec 2017 at 12:02 PM
#266, Killian–

I am not here to dialogue on simplicity: I am here to teach it. Do not try to teach sustainability to a regenerative systems designer: Listen.

And that is your problem, Killian, in a nutshell. I’ve been teaching since I was 19 years old, and the most important thing that those decades of experience has taught me is this: You cannot teach without dialog, for the simple reason that you cannot teach without meeting your students where they are, cognitively and emotionally; and you cannot know where they are without listening to them with respect.

Over and over you fail that test by treating those you aspire to teach with contempt. You imagine that you are completely enlightened, that you know The Truth, and that therefore you need not listen to anyone else. Simply asserting your Truth, in your mind, should always suffice because it is entirely factual, entirely correct, and is therefore always the perfect answer.

For example:

Dismissiveness is to not fully consider, to hand-wave away. This is far closer to your behavior. I point out facts, you dismiss them. You state *opinions*, I tell you why they are incorrect*…

Well, no, it’s not always adequate to assert The Truth. Because even if your conceptual model were as completely correct as you think it is–which I very much doubt, for reasons that I’ve attempted to make clear over a span of years now–you are not understanding and responding to the realities that your interlocutors are living in. As a teacher, you need to build a bridge for your students to cross from their current reality to a wider and relatively more adequate one. You can’t build a bridge without understanding *both* sides of the chasm.

You say you want to teach. Evidence says you’re failing miserably, since commenter after commenter (including you yourself!) says that we’re failing to ‘get it.’ So prove that you mean what you say: Try doing something differently than which has been failing so abjectly to achieve your ends.

Yes, Caelan as Kevin, and just about everyone over at Real Climate says to you, try doing something differently, like getting off your high horse and maybe exhibiting some humility. You don’t have any more of the answers to the predicaments facing all of us. than anyone else.

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