The wall may actually get built, err, finished I mean. Most people seem to be totally unaware of it, but it was effectively over half built already, even before Trump was elected.

I do not support building it out the rest of the way, because it’s a major political mistake to do so, in terms of the relationship between the USA and Mexico ,and diminishes our standing with other countries.

But it’s important to keep the facts straight.
And for my little buddy and Clinton True Believer, HB:

IIRC, HRC voted to build it. Yep, she sure as shit did, and her constant flip flopping had a lot to do with people with working memories deciding she was untrustworthy.

From another source, one of those out fits that’s part of the “vast right wing conspiracy ” out to misrepresent her record:

The Weekly Standard
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Hillary: I Voted for Border Fence to Keep Out Illegal Immigrants
7:36 AM, NOV 10, 2015 | By DANIEL HALPER

At a campaign event last night, Hillary Clinton bragged about something she does not usually mention: her votes for a border fence to keep illegal immigrants out of America.

Watch here:

“Hi Secretary Clinton, I was wondering what you think about my securing the Mexican border with some of the illegal immigrants that come in — just wondering,” asked a questioner at a town hall.

“Well look,” Clinton said, “I voted numerous times when I was a senator to spend money to build a barrier to try to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in. And I do think you have to control your borders.”

Clinton has said that, as president, she would continue President Obama’s precedent of dealing with immigration policy through executive action.”

What we ought to be doing is to help the Mexican people raise their standard of living so they would not WANT to come to the USA in excessive numbers.

I will NOT apologize for believing and saying that we have ENOUGH people in the country already, and need to get our own population stabilized and started down as fast as we possibly can, and every envirnmentalist in the country KNOWS this is true, although not more than about one in a thousand is actually willing to SAY SO publicly, for fear of being tarred as a Republican, racist, xenophobe , Trumpster, etc.

I’m not here to make friends , so I don’t really care if I lose a few cyber friends for pointing out things that are true, but unmentioned for reasons of political solidarity or personal convictions.

If anybody has any thing to say in rebuttal , I will surely copy it into my working notes, and thanks in advance.

There are GOOD reasons why we should want to want to minimize and reverse our population growth, and all of them are consistent with good sense and good environmental policy.

For instance, the FEWER there are of us Yankees, the less reason we will have to engage in foreign wars to supply our thirst for oil. Fewer people means farmers can allow more land to revert to meadow and forest. More wildlife.

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