These are the words of our new Wyoming governor re: the war on the state’s coal. The west coast is going to get itself sued to the Supreme Court for the constitutional violation of interstate trade by refusing to build a coal export terminal. If RBG croaks within the next two years, the court can get the terminal built.

I want to take just a moment to talk about coal. Coal continues to power this country and, despite market trends and politics, it will remain an essential part of America’s energy portfolio for decades to come.

Around the globe technology keeps advancing, there is progress benefiting our world by burning coal more cleanly and efficiently. Japan and Korea have built the most efficient clean burning fleets of coal fired electric generation ever.

Technologies employed there, when paired with Powder River Basin coal, can reduce the overall carbon emitted to the atmosphere. That is progress that should be a gut cinch for those advocating to control carbon emissions.

And yet, our access to these Asian markets remains restricted, tied up in permit after permit. I believe this to be an unconstitutional restraint of trade. And I will strongly advocate for access to all markets.

I have invited my friend and a former colleague on the Environmental Quality Council, Wendy Hutchinson, to be with us here today. Wendy has been working for nearly a decade to open a coal port in Longview, Washington. This is a port that will expedite coal exports among other commodities to countries like Japan and Korea.

For her efforts, last year Wendy was named one of the 100 Most Inspirational Women in Mining in the world.

Wendy, I have asked you here today so that we can recognize you and the Millennium Bulk Terminal’s perseverance in navigating a complicated, time consuming, and inefficient, perhaps even now adulterated process. Would you please stand. Thank you.

There are promising new uses of coal that can provide advanced building materials and innovative new products. Some of these are being developed at UW and others by private industry.

Wyoming is the nation’s leader in advancing carbon sequestration and has launched the Integrated Test Center which is working on turning a byproduct like carbon dioxide into a valuable and marketable product.

Here in Wyoming, we will continue to seek innovative solutions that support coal, address climate change, and grow our economy.

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