All of this bullshit is straight, I mean straight off Continental’s self servicing investor presentation bullshit, Coffee. You need to wrap your head around some SEC filings, use some common sense and think for yourself. As opposed to letting someone else do your thinking for you.

Watcher is correct, CLR’s credit rating, its credit score, so to speak, is so bad it could not in the real world buy a pickup truck without its mama co-signing the note. If its wells are sooooooo much better, why don’t they pay some of that $6 billion plus dollars of debt back? I mean really, who in their right mind would actually WANT to pay $420MM a year…in interest on long term debt if it didn’t have to? Never mind, you can’t answer that.

If you are not in the oil business and have never balanced an oil well’s checkbook in your life, which Coffee hasn’t, then you don’t know that higher productivity comes with a higher cost in the shale biz. The bottom line then is that the bottom line does not change…if it did the shale oil industry would be paying down some debt, right? Its not. Private debt is skyrocketing.

Are things getting better for the shale biz? Right. Case in point, the largest pure Permian Basin oil and associated gas producer, Concho, the genius behind a recent $8 billion dollar acquisition from RSP, LOST $199MM 3Q2018. Inventories are going back up, prices are down 18% the past month and what does the shale oil industry do?

It adds more rigs.

Productivity is not the same as profitability. In the real oil biz you learn that on about day six.

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