Tuesday, November 24, 2015

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Gilmer, Texas


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A superior-performance product, such as Perma-Cote, even though it may be a small element of any given job, can be instrumental in ensuring protection of entire oil and gas systems from corrosion.
Perma-Cote can help reduce downtime by 50% or more and can contribute to extended service life by more than 10 times that of other product options. By eliminating product failure you eliminate the staggering costs of downtime, safety hazards, replacement costs, and related liabilities.
Perma-Cote can contribute positively to the following:
· Statutory or corporate compliance with Safety, Health and Environmental policies
· Optimized operational capacity made possible by reducing or eliminating system failures due to corrosion.
· Reduction in unplanned maintenance
· Reduction in deferment costs
Every dollar has to count or the problem will continue to grow. That’s why a corrosion prevention strategy is necessary. That’s why good partners such as Perma-Cote PVC Coated Conduit in the fight against corrosion are equally necessary.

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