Wednesday, June 29, 2016

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PIM Integrity Management Sdn Bhd (PIM IM) is proud to announce that it has recently been awarded a licence by PETRONAS. PIM IM, which was set up in Selangor, Malaysia in December 2015, is an associate company of Plant Integrity Management Ltd UK (PIM). PIM IM and PIM specialise in integrity management for oil and gas operators and service companies.

The award of a PETRONAS licence allows the company to supply goods/services to both the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry in Malaysia and downstream activities of PETRONAS including maritime activities.

PIM IM’s operations director, Mohd Nazmi Mohd Nageeb commented, ‘We hope to work closely with PETRONAS in the near future and look forward to developing a relationship with the company which will be mutually beneficial and will also enable PIM IM to firmly establish itself in the integrity management field in Malaysia.’

Steven Plant, managing director of PIM said, ‘Since PIM was set up in 2011 we have prided ourselves on providing a high quality integrity management service to the industry. In addition, we have drawn upon our in-house expertise and developed products which meet the industry’s needs and provide added value to our clients. We are keen to share our knowledge with the Malaysian oil and gas industry and to use it to assure the integrity of their assets while also optimising performance and maintaining safety.’

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