AFBE-UK Scotland has continued its programme of supporting students and professionals within the engineering industry following a technical safety event in Aberdeen.

The not-for-profit organisation, which aims to encourage engineering as a career choice among young people of all backgrounds, ran a day-long course providing an introduction to technical safety at differing stages of projects in the oil and gas industry including offshore and onshore developments.

The seminar gave an overview of technical safety development, elements of technical safety, hazard identification and assessment, risk assessments, emergency response assessment, risk acceptance criteria, risk reduction measures and strategies, asset integrity and assurance and safety case development.

Tayo Olusanya, who is a chartered engineer, member of the Institute of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) and currently technical safety consultant with an oil and gas major, led the course which involved a series of seminars and demonstrations.

Tayo Olusanya said: ‘The importance of health, safety and well-being of workers within our industry cannot be stressed enough, and the subjects of risk, hazard and emergencies and how we deal with these both onshore and offshore will always be key in oil and gas engineering.

‘It was a pleasure to talk to so many enthusiastic students, graduates and professionals and hopefully they have been provided an insight into this vital aspect of the oil and gas sector.’

Dr Ollie Folayan, chair of AFBE-UK Scotland, said: ‘The technical safety course held at Shell Woodbank was a resounding success, as it was two years ago when we last held a similar event.

‘The health and wellbeing of workers within the oil and gas industry is of paramount importance and the insight to technical safety given by Tayo will be invaluable to the students and professionals who attended.

‘Our overall aim is to promote engineering as a career choice, and to provide guidance to students, graduates and professionals throughout their careers, and this course has been an excellent addition to our programme.’

The event took place at Woodbank House, a Shell hotel, conference and leisure facility on Aberdeen’s North Deeside Road.

AFBE-UK Scotland is the Aberdeen chapter of AFBE-UK. The not-for-profit organisation is run by like-minded engineering professionals who share their working experiences with young people and students.

The group runs 20 events annually and has helped more than 500 pupils and students across its three main programmes – NextGen, Transition and Real Projects.

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