Santos (ASX:STO) today announced further positive results from the Muruk 1 exploration well being drilled in the Papua New Guinea Highlands.

Following the successful gas discovery at Muruk 1 announced in December 2016, an additional sidetrack (Muruk 1ST3) has been successfully drilled through the Toro reservoir objective to the south west of the Muruk 1 gas discovery.

As quoted in the press release:

Well logs and pressure data have confirmed that the entire Toro reservoir section is gas saturated.  The Toro Sandstone interval in Muruk 1ST3 is similar to the excellent, high quality reservoir penetrated in the original Muruk 1 wellbore.

After cementing the 7” liner at 3,921 metres, Muruk 1ST3 penetrated the top Toro at 3,968 metres and was drilled to a depth of 4,025 metres. Two cores were cut and the well was then deepened to 4,130 metres, to enable a full suite of logs and pressure data to be acquired.  No hydrocarbon contact was penetrated.

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