Hosted by Global Pacific & Partners, You are invited to participate at the 73rd PetroAfricanus-World Upstream Club Reception held at the Royal Institution, on Thursday 17th March 2016, London.

Guest Speaker: Dr Stuart Amor who will address the Club on the key issue of today: ‘The Crude Oil Collapse: Reset and New Beginnings’.
• Date: 17th March
• Venue: Royal Institution
• Registration: 5.30pm onwards
• Drinks Reception: 6pm
• Attire: Business
• Registration Fee: GBP 50 plus VAT per person (with payment due prior the Reception)
• No press/ media
• Right of Admission reserved

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Guest Speaker: Dr Stuart Amor (CFA) is recognised as one of the leading oil industry thinkers and independent analysts on the global crude oil market, and has had extensive track record on Africa corporate oil market diagnosis having covered leading African oil and gas companies when Head of Oil and Gas Research at RFC Ambrian ( (2012-15) where he was instrumental to negotiate company broker/nomad mandates with numerous firms in the City of London. Widely experienced in equity research, and fast-changing financial markets for oil and gas players, Stuart was previously Managing Director and Head of Research for Unicredit in London, similarly so with ING over 2002-11, and has covered Russian companies (Lukoil, Gazprom, others) as well as international firms such as Petrobras, and before then the leading European Oils including super-majors (such as BP and Shell) for Credit Suisse First Boston (1994-2001). He took the Doctorate in Philosophy degree at Cambridge University (1990), and has built a distinguished record on critical themes relevant to world oil and gas companies, Africa’s corporate oil players and energy markets, and the in-depth complexities of understanding crude price trajectories in uncertain times. Our Speaker’s themes will embrace a range of critical observations on recent crude oil price historiography, seasoned views on the forward price trajectory, the problematic record of corporate oil returns from the times of $100/BBL crude to today, the ‘crash’ that ensued and why, the key implications now for the global industry reset going forward, new beginnings in operational and strategic vision – beyond ‘doom and gloom’, to potential boom – and notably the emerging opportunities beyond current consensus, for existing conventional investors and contrarian oil and gas players.
Individual Membership for the PetroAfricanus Club is GBP 275 (12 months). For Corporate and Individual membership enquiries please contact: or
The PetroAfricanus Club
• The PetroAfricanus Club, founded in London 2004, and drawing its origins from the African explorer, Leo Africanus (c. 1494-c. 1554), is dedicated to exploration and development in Africa’s oil and gas Industry, focused on the upstream oil and gas-LNG business, across the Continent – from Cape-Cairo, Mauritania to Madagascar, covering sub-Saharan Africa, the Sahel and Maghreb-North Africa.
• The Club acts to connect corporate and state players, and facilitate global industry interest and deal flow in Africa’s upstream, through high-level networking with senior executives from around the world engaged in Africa.
• The PetroAfricanus Club was founded, with Annual Programs organised, by Global Pacific & Partners’ Senior Partners: Dr Duncan Clarke (Chairman of the Board), the President of the Club, and Babette van Gessel (Chief Executive), its Executive Director.
• Around 6,000-plus Members/Guests have so far been involved in 67-plus PetroAfricanus Dinners and Receptions, held over the past decade and more of the Club’s existence. No similar entity has this unrivalled track record of engagement and focus.
• PetroAfricanus provides a unique global networking forum, with social program, for corporate and state oil players in Africa’s petroleum Industry, and across the value chain.
• The primary mechanisms for this high-quality network interface are through our regular Club Receptions (with Guest Speakers) held in London and Cape Town, and over the years variously in Nairobi, Dakar, Windhoek, Johannesburg, Tunis, Marrakech, Paris, Geneva, The Hague, Dar-es-Salaam, Antananarivo, Accra, Lagos, Kampala and Maputo.
• The Annual PetroAfricanus Dinner in Africa is held in Cape Town during the landmark Africa Oil Week/Africa Upstream Conference (with PetroAfricanus Award for Excellence in Africa), and is a premier occasion for the global upstream industry.
• Members and Guests are invited to meet in a private setting under ‘Machiavelli’s Rules’ (No Press or Reportage), with Guest Speakers of exceptional calibre as a key feature of our Dinners and selected Receptions.
• The PetroAfricanus Club is supported by its Patron (Preng & Associates, for the last seven years), Corporate Sponsors from Africa’s blue chip players, plus individuals and Members who have long-engaged in Africa, and who seek to build the Continent’s hydrocarbon game for the benefit of the economies of Africa and its future.

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