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California here in the States and Germany in Europe are leading the way, world wide.
Read this, it’s worth it just to improve your mood when it comes to a discussion about the stupidity of the human race such as we are having here today.

The whole goddamned argument against renewables is utterly and abysmally STUPID and based on ignorance, willful self delusion, or cynical calculations involving personal investments.

MAYBE we will succeed in transitioning to a renewable energy powered and sustainable civilization, maybe we won’t.

It’s a fucking academic question, because it’s about the long term, whereas there IS no long term, unless we survive the short term.

Wind and solar power have amply and obviously demonstrated that the return on the energy and materials invested in building and erecting such infrastructure are generous, not less than at least about five to one, according to any recent estimate I have seen, unless it was produced by employees of Koch brothers and company.Wind and solar power, in combination with conservation, will allow us to extend the life of our finite supplies of fossil fuels by generations, if we stay with it.

I personally know at least three or four old hillbillies in their late eighties or nineties who went to one room schools for only a little while and never learned anything beyond the simplest of arithmetic and reading.

But ignorance is NOT the same thing as stupidity. All of them GOT IT immediately, when discussing wind and solar power, as to the WHY, when I told them it’s because coal doesn’t grow back like potatoes or timber.
All of them you see knew men who once worked in the mines ( not far away at all) who lost their jobs because the mines played out.

You do what you HAVE to do, period, and that means preparing for the day when fossil fuels will be extremely scarce and expensive, or simply unavailable, because the enemy you have been financing by buying them from him suddenly refuses to sell them to you.

Does anybody here fail to understand that neither the Russians nor the Germans have forgotten WWII in general and the Siege of Stalingrad in particular? The dumbest of the dumb in Germany usually understand the implications of history as clearly as they can see the sun at high noon on a cloudless day, although they seldom discuss this matter in public forums. If I were a German living in Germany, I would gladly pay double whatever subsidies are in place to promote conservation and renewable energy.

The vast majority of all material goods are valuable in proportion to their scarcity. Water has virtually no value to me, in terms of money, because it costs me virtually nothing. I get it by way of infrastructure my old Daddy put into place with his own hands about seventy years ago, for the trivial expense of an occasional repair to a broken pipe or burned out pump, and maybe a dollar a month for electricity.People I know town pay close to a hundred bucks a month for water and sewer, with their rates going up every few years. People who get caught without water for some reason gladly pay a couple of bucks a gallon, and if they go a day without drinking, they will pay twenty bucks for a six pack of bottled water. Two or three days, they will pay whatever they have or can borrow or steal to swap.

Every dime we put into renewable energy today means another DAY later that we will still have some affordable fossil fuels, which we can use frugally for ESSENTIAL purposes, just as we use clean water frugally for drinking first and foremost when the supply is interrupted for some reason.

( Yes, I know I’m long winded, and all about TLDR, but occasionally a kid runs across and reads such a forum as this one, especially one that’s interested in the sciences. A kid I know, who is not aware that I’m OFM, asked me in unmistakable terms just yesterday about something I posted in this forum. FIRST TIME ever this has happened! Been hoping I would live to experience it! I don’t advertise my OFM identity, so as to not alienate the community . This one comment contains easily accessible lessons in physics, geology, economics, history and human nature, although a reasonably well educated adult won’t even notice them. The greatest value of such a forum as this is the EDUCATIONAL value it possesses for potential new readers. )

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