If you want to know why we have an opioid crisis……….


Republicans get most of the money, but D’s get a huge amount. I haven’t heard jack shit from either party about doing anything about the SOURCE of the opioid drugs that are killing people by the thousands.

The Trump administration will blow a little hot air about it, but won’t do anything, so that doesn’t count.

Incidentally , all the people who go around running their mouth about what a rotten capitalist hog Ayn Rand was don’t know jack shit about her books, because they have NEVER READ THEM, they have only swallowed the propaganda of the leftish element.

Atlas Shrugged is NOT about heartless capitalists destroying society.

It’s about fucking fascists, defined as government plus big business in bed together, running things, and so destroying society.

Reasonably and effectively regulated capitalism is fine, it’s at least as good as any other economic system, when it’s REGULATED effectively.

Capitalism combined with government is fascism, and THAT’s what Atlas Shrugged is REALLY about, and THAT’s WHY we have most of the drug problems we have today, capitalists in bed with whoring politicians, of BOTH parties.

THAT’s WHY our overall health care costs are so high. The health care industry has succeeded in capturing the parts of the government that are supposed to regulate it.

That’s why our food is so full of nasty chemicals.

That’s why we don’t have much in the way of mass transit, even in places where it would work ok.

Most of our problems are due to our whoring politicians and the businessmen who buy their services.

But having government in complete control seems to lead to even WORSE outcomes.

Maybe one of these days the people of this country will be well enough educated that we can have better government, government more like the kind that prevails in Western Europe.

But I’m not going to live long enough to see it, personally.

The education profession/ industry, of which I was once a member, has a strangle hold on our government, and our rotten public schools in our failing communities will REMAIN rotten, until that stranglehold is broken.

I see pretty much zero signs of that happening.

Our legal principles are based on the idea that a dozen criminals should go free, rather than that one innocent man should go to jail.

Our current educational system is based on the idea that if your kid is capable of learning and doing well, but you don’t have a lot of money, so you can put that kid in a private school, he ROTS in a rotten public school, if you live in a community with a failed school system, so all the kids can rot TOGETHER.

And most of the school systems that are supposedly doing OK, in comparison to other AMERICAN school systems, are basically fifty percent rotten.

Go to a typical American high school, and if you know enough to KNOW what you are looking at, you will find THREE schools operating in the same buildings.

One school is for the kids of the elite, the kids that will be going on to real colleges and universities, and will succeed in life. One school is for the typical kids who learn enough to at least balance their checkbooks and read Fox news articles. And one is for the kids who are too much trouble for the teachers in the first two schools to be bothered with them. I’m painting fast with a very broad brush of course.

A few kids in the vocational wing will learn enough to have a great shot at an entry level position in a trade that will enable them to make a decent living, and maybe even make a lot of money.

But in a school I worked in, a couple of dozen willing to work girls were pushed out into the world having spent half of their high school career learning how to cut hair. Nearly all of them are working as cashiers, or clerks, or factory hands. The community has openings for maybe one percent of them in that trade.

The state put in a law requiring two years training to get a job as a hair dresser. That’s the same length of time it requires to sit for the professional nursing license examination. The cosmetology profession has captured the regulatory apparatus you see.

The previous school had a horticulture program, same results. I used to socialize with the hort teacher. She quit in frustration, because she quickly found out there were no jobs for her students, that they couldn’t get even a quarter an hour more as an entry level employee at a local store or farm than the next person that walked in off the street. Then she came back when her old job was open again, because SHE couldn’t find a local job in her field that would pay enough for her to live. This was at the same time I quit teaching to go into construction and power plant maintenance etc the second time,tripling my income on an annual basis.

This general situation isn’t going to change, because the teachers are in bed with whoring ( mostly D in this case ) politicians who will make SURE it doesn’t change, that there will be ONLY one option, zero choice, for ninety five percent plus of all our kids…… the local public school.

YOUR kid, unless you are a member of the local elite, will likely as not be sacrificed on the altar of equal educational opportunity,in effect meaning you can’t take your share of the tax money spent on education and spend it in a school that gets results.

And in a city with a REALLY rotten school system, even the classrooms reserved for the elite STINK. That as much or more than any other single reason why the middle classes have fled so many cities.

Elite in this case doesn’t mean one percenter income, it means well brought up, willing to listen, behave, study, WORK at learning, etc. It means working class with a work ethic taught at home, and it means middle class where books and magazines and some real education is the norm.

The D’s didn’t do anything about the opioid problem when they had the opportunity to do so.The R’s won’t likely do anything about it NOW, except they may resort to doing all the same old things that not only don’t work, things that will make it WORSE, overall.

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